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    Wiksten again.

    I finished this last Wednesday, wore it to work Thursday, and then promptly forgot to get photographs of it. So I’m wearing it again today and sharing a quick selfie because I’ll probably forget again down the road. This is another Wiksten tank, only I did a straight medium size…

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    Go big or go home

    After months of keeping my long hair, well, long, I decided to go big and chop it back short like I had it a few yeas ago. I love, love, love how light I feel. It’s like being a different person!  

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    Not everyone enjoys motherhood.

    There. I said it. It took me searching “I hate motherhood” on Google to realize I’m not alone. Or, rather, not as alone as I originally thought. The articles are few and far between, but the few brave enough to put it out there in the open helps immensely. I…

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    In pieces

    I sometimes wonder when things will ever be ‘normal’ again. If I’ll ever feel normal again. Or if, at this point, there is no more normal. Our lives have changed a lot – not just the baby, but jobs, too. It’s a lot to deal with all at once, especially…

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    Easing back into routine

    We arrived home yesterday, much to my relief. By Saturday I was getting home sick and missing the baby, to the point where that night I packed as much as I could so we’d have less to do Sunday, and then Sunday morning we were up and out of the…