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    Family Photo Day

    Fall in Ohio. My sister, my nephew, and my niece. Perfect excuse to get outside and play with some photography. I think I came home with some good shots, and I know my sister will love them regardless. I’m far from a professional photographer, and I think Mother Nature makes…

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    Weekending in Yellow Springs

      Oh, how I do love that man I married! ♥ This weekend we celebrated our 6th anniversary and we spent our weekend in Yellow Springs. I have to admit, our weekend was less-than-stellar. And by that I mean that I was off-and-on sick all weekend. Bummer :( But it was still…

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    130 Miles

    Today we took the bike 2-up (that means I was on the back rather than us each riding our own motorcycles). We’ve never done it before but a trip around the town proved to be quite easy, so we went out for a long ride. We wanted to ride up…

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    Fair Day

    Fair week. The one time a year I get my farm animal fix. The bunnies, the chickens, the sheep and goats and cows… the goats and the bunnies are my favorite. The goats this year were so very sweet. I spent a fair amount of time just petting them (whereas…

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    DPP #7: More Zoo Lights

    Getting behind on this photo thing, but will try to catch up and take a photo to post from today for today (especially since I’m having a craft day with my lovely friend Kate! Also, kitties!)