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130 Miles

IMG_7544 IMG_7546 IMG_7549 IMG_7553 IMG_7555 IMG_7556 IMG_7557 IMG_7569 IMG_7570 IMG_7566Today we took the bike 2-up (that means I was on the back rather than us each riding our own motorcycles). We’ve never done it before but a trip around the town proved to be quite easy, so we went out for a long ride. We wanted to ride up to Lake Erie, but we got about halfway there and decided to go a different direction.

Google Maps tells me that we went about 130 miles. However, my butt says otherwise! Good grief I was uncomfortable back there. And, even worse, bored. I’m not sure if it’s just because the roads we took were flat and boring or if it’s just because I enjoy riding my own bike more than being a passenger. Regardless, I was ready to go home pretty much immediately after we stopped to get lunch. Except we mistakenly misread the directions and ended up going a full extra hour longer than we needed to to get home. Bleh.

I have dreams of taking long road trips across the US, but I think for now I need to work on riding around Ohio to build my endurance up! And save some money for a fancy comfortable seat to replace the one that came with the bike!


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