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September, already.

I finished a thing! Autumn has been calling to me, and I have been suddenly feeling in need of warm wool in my hands in preparation for the season. I ended up starting this Stormy Sky shawl in July – on my birthday, in fact – and that urge for warm wooly goodness has only grown since.

The yarn is handspun, which Ravelry tells me I purchased back in 2010 and it looks like I spun in 2011. It’s a lovely, drapey blend of wool and seacell from Fiber Optic that I remember really enjoying spinning up. At the time, it was just too lovely to use and I was SO excited to get such a large amount of yardage off the fiber. These days I find myself trying to be more mindful of using what I have, and decided it was time to pull this lovely yarn out of storage and to use. Aside from the fiber itself being lovely, it was actually pretty wonderful to use this yarn and compare my past spinning to my skills now and be able to really see/feel the difference practice makes. I actually have enough yarn, I believe, to make a second one. The pattern was easy enough to remember and makes such a lovely shawl that it might just have to become a holiday gift knit, as it’s something I can manage to work on when I’m entirely overwhelmed with homework for my college classes.

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