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Pardon the garden. A phrase I’m most likely to utter anytime anyone visits the house during the growing seasons of spring through fall. Sure, there are pretty flowers and delicious veggies in there somewhere, but they might be a little hard to find amidst the mess of overgrown grass, dandelions, and weeds that have found their way in there and haven’t been pulled. Which, really, is also a great metaphor for my life. Sometimes it looks and feels like a mess, but there are some gems in there somewhere if you look hard enough.

The rundown:  I’m in my late 20s/nearly 30/30ish  32 and I live in Ohio with my husband, a rambunctious 2 year old, and some squirrels in the attic of an old blue house. I pretty much dabble in everything, and my focus is pretty much non-existent. Some days I feel like being a farmer, other days I want to live in a loft in a big city. Some days I want to sell everything and live in a tiny house and travel the world, other days I want nothing more than to stay right where I am. It’s like waking up every day and trying to figure out who you are every damn time. I want to do/learn/be everything. Which, I’m learning slowly, is pretty damn difficult.

Things consistent in my life: knitting, half-assed gardening, and biting-off-more-than-I-can-chew projects (actually, this one might just be the story of my life in itself).

I like to blog about my life and the things going on in it. I don’t think my life is particularly interesting, but it’s mine and I’d like to keep track of it.

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