Hello, snow!

snow snow2 snow3 snow4 snow5b

We spent the evening at my mom and dad’s for a birthday dinner and came out to our cars to find the lightest, sweetest coating of snow on everything. This morning we awoke to the most perfect scene – beautiful snow clinging to the tree branches ever so gently, the wind perfectly calm, and an overall quiet that has settled in the neighborhood which muffles even the noisiest vehicles (we’re on a busy street so it’s much appreciated to have a bit of a break from all that noise). I’m trying to so very hard to get through Thanksgiving before I start decorating for the winter holidays but this snow is not helping one bit. I want to dig out all the glitter and shiny things and make the house merry and bright. I want to string the lights up on the porch to make the house glow so lovely-like. I want to bake sugar cookies and make hot cocoa and snuggle on the couch to watch holiday movies.

But, first, we must get through Thanksgiving.

Getting festive


We’re getting festive this weekend. And yes, I know, Thanksgiving isn’t over with yet. True story: I don’t care. Thanksgiving, to me, always feels oddly timed for a harvest meal. Canadians have it right, I think. At least for us Ohioans where the harvest season tends to be done by October (unless you use cold frames to continue growing things here and there). We’re getting snow tonight, which just screams “winter holidays” to me more than “Thanksgiving.” I’m very much into the holiday spirit at the moment and I’m just rolling with it.

I’m not a professional photographer by any means (the husband actually snapped this one as a test while we tried to get the camera settings right), but I think our photos have turned out quite cute. I knit the little Santa hat for him but it’s a tad big for his small noggin. But it works and it’s handmade and very us. I’m pretty sure everyone I know will look at that hat and just know I made it because I really am, apparently, that predictable.


kitchen books butterskin stars

The weekend took its toll on me, and yesterday and today has been all about recharging. I found myself today wondering if I’m being the adult (and mom) I want to be. The answer was, resoundingly, no. I’m not doing the things I want to do and being the person I want to be, and there’s no better time than the present to correct that. So off the TV went, off the radio went, and we’re going on some lovely silence this afternoon.

I’ve been trying to make more of an effort to read books to the baby. We’ve received a small handful of books as gifts, but most of the books we own have been acquired at book sales or thrift stores. The Little House and Grizzwold were both rescued from a box of books destined for the thrift store. While I love the more contemporary books we’ve received (Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Sitefor example), I really do love the old children’s books and their artwork.

On the knitting front, I cast on a new sweater. It was supposed to be textured on the front and back, but since the pattern never actually said “start chart here” I forgot all about it and just knit happily along. By the time I realized my error it was too late. Not that I couldn’t rip it out, but that I just didn’t have it in me – not after so much progress had been made. So a plain sweater it will be. Perhaps, if I have enough yarn, I’ll add a cowl collar to it to cozy it up a bit?

I started knitting little stars yesterday. They’re quick and fast. The holiday bug has bitten me and it felt like the easiest way to scratch that itch. I think when I’m done I’ll string them up and hang them in the baby’s room so he has some cute winter decorations to gaze at.

Cabin in the woods, round 4.

hh-woods hh-cabin hh-knitting2 hh-knitting1 yarn-dyepot yarn-rinsed yarn-finished

4th annual knitting weekend. Chugged away on the baby’s holiday stocking, started (and promptly screwed up) a new sweater for myself – I’m just going with it, anyway – and even dyed some lovely sock yarn (with food coloring/Kool-Aid, of course – I took a cue from Chalk Legs and used the sprinkle method along with a bit of liquid food coloring for a bit more intense color on the yellow. I will definitely be trying to dye more yarn like this as soon as I knit up some of what I already have!)

More than happy to be home, however. This year was… different. I didn’t enjoy my time there as much. And I missed my husband and son terribly. I think maybe the weekend would have been better if it had been 100% solo. I just feel like maybe I needed some time to be completely alone with my thoughts in the woods. Oh well, back to real life.

Fast as I can

hermione-socks scholarly-declan scholarly-declan2 tofino

Knitting time is precious these days. There’s too many projects I want to knit (and more than enough yarn to keep me occupied for a few years at least), and not enough time. I have, normally, had a goal of 1 knit sweater a year for myself. I usually start it about this time of year so it is done by January with plenty of bitter cold winter days to wear it. I’m fairly certain I won’t have a new sweater this year, though I do have some cream bulky weight wool in my stash that I might attempt to give a go.

I finished up the baby’s Storytime Scholar cardigan, with buttons purchased and being sewn on later today. I realized yesterday that he is lacking in knit hats. We have plenty of t-shirt material hats, but nothing that will actually be warm and useful. The few hats I’ve knit him have ended up being nearly too small at this point, so I dug the last bit of Malabrigo Mecha leftover from the Snug I knit him and I’m making a Tofino Surfer hat. I also cast on a sock project – I don’t need more socks so I may gift them, but I needed a small project to keep in the car these days. There are so many little moments that I can knit a row here and there – while I wait at the doctor’s office, while I kill time between work and after work appointments, etc.

I have the baby’s holiday stocking in the works, but it requires patience and attention to detail. This coming weekend is my annual knit group cabin trip so it will, hopefully, be completed there where I can dedicate my attentions to it. I replenished my stock of coffee over the weekend and I might just end up drinking coffee all weekend so I have the energy to knit as fast as I can to complete as much as I can with my glorious, uninterrupted knitting time. I have a feeling this annual trip is going to become a necessary weekend away each year to blast through last minute winter knits for the kiddo.