The Marco Hat


Done and ends woven in! I think I might have enough to make another one of these only in a different arrangement of colors. Grey as the main color, I think. 92.8 yards out of my stash with this – not a lot, but it’s progress. I don’t believe this will fit my kid by next fall/winter, however. It already fits him okay now. But we’ll see I suppose.

Ugly watermelon socks


Well that’s at least something out of the stash and WIP pile. These socks are ugly. The yarn looked so pretty in the skein, but it knit up something awful. I don’t know why I buy and knit with variegated yarns like this – I know I’m never totally thrilled with them. I’m more of a solids or madelinetosh subtle type of knitter. Oh well, at least they’re on my feet and not my head.

I cast on a hat for the baby today. Well, it’s the “toddler” size, which I’m hoping means it will fit him this coming winter. If not, I’ll just gift it to someone.

Planting season is right around the corner. I have not even worked a minute in the garden yet. Ugh. If I didn’t have this dream of my garden being nice and full by August for the baby’s Peter Rabbit-themed 1st birthday party then I’d just call it a fallow year and let it go. I might have to ask my sis or maybe my friend Liz to keep him for a few hours so I can go outside and get everything cleaned up and planted.

I’ve been going through and purging a lot of things, but a lot of that is the baby’s fault. Now that he’s mobile and able to grab at tons of things there’s this need to seriously clean and de-clutter. A lot of it is stuff that I’ve been meaning to do, or didn’t feel like I could part with. Now it’s just stuff taking up space, stuff I have to pick up off the floor after he gets to it, stuff I have to pull out of his mouth, etc. Though, honestly, I do wonder if maybe my better emotional state is helping with all of this – as if my difficulties in the past to part with things was all due to bouts of depression that I didn’t necessarily realize I was dealing with. Postpartum was definitely noticeable because everything was dark and sad internally, but that’s really the first time I’ve felt it to that extreme. So I suppose it’s entirely possible that mild depression has been my clutter-reducing downfall.

Tomorrow I’m going to try to get a picture of my wardrobe piece #2 (fingers crossed). And maybe that hat I’m making for the baby which should, really, be done tonight if I just veg out on the couch until 10pm.

Settling in unsettled

I’m giving up hope on life settling down anytime soon. There’s just too much going on and I’m trying desperately to hold it all together (and feeling like I’m failing).

The husband took his interim job full time, which means we have to figure out what we’re doing as far as the business we run. 15 years of my life have been dedicated to half of our business – the idea of letting it go to someone else is hard. But it’s also one of those things that I don’t really want to do anymore. We constantly update the website and that means no real vacations without having to find WiFi and use our time to work instead of relaxing. We’re pulling double duty right now with jobs and it’s absolutely tough.
Any free time I have is spent clinging to something creative. Plain sock knitting has become by BFF because it’s mindless and, yet, productive. I’m slowly slowly slowly knitting my stash. I’ve latched on to sewing now, and this idea of creating my own handmade wardrobe. I don’t need more to do, but there’s something gratifying about the speed of sewing versus the time required to knit anything. The fact that an evening of work can very nearly give me a new tank to wear is highly appealing. I have two new things to show you all if I ever get time to photograph them.

I still haven’t repotted my garden seedlings. It’s usually the last thing on my mind at the end of the day. The weeds need pulled, newspapers laid down, etc in the garden but, again, time. They probably won’t even get planted in time. Or if they do, they’ll probably end up planted and dead while we’re on vacation.  I wish I had someone local I could trust to come water them for me.   I picked violets this year to steep and make jelly but right now the “tea” is sitting in ice trays in the freezer until I get around to it.

We’re buying a new car tomorrow. Well, I hope we’re buying it tomorrow. I don’t see why we’re not able to, other than I put a fraud alert on my credit after that Anthem insurance bullshit with all our information being accessed. They’re supposed to call to confirm I’m opening a new loan but I’m not sure I entirely trust that process. We need the new car ASAP – mine is falling apart and my necessarily fit for my long commute anymore. Plus we’re driving to Chicago next month…

Chicago. I’m kind of terrified. I’m a small town girl. I rarely travel. And, for the majority of the trip, I’m going to be on my own in this new big city while the husband is in a conference. I don’t know how to navigate public transportation because we don’t have that here. I don’t know what to do to occupy my time while solo. I’m also leaving the baby with my mom, which is adding to the stress. I need to not spend all my time in the apartment we rented via AirBNB. I found a yarn shop, but I know I shouldn’t spend all my time there, too. Every bit of my comfort zone is going to be stretched with this trip and that’s hugely scary.

The baby… is mobile. 8 months seems far too early for my kid to be not only crawling but also pulling himself up on things, getting down on his own, climbing stairs, etc. It’s all very exhausting.

The only thing to do is make peace with the fact that life is pretty non-stop right now, which is hard for a calm-loving homebody like me.

Zoo-ish (What can I say? I like birds.)

IMG_5725 IMG_5736 IMG_5761 IMG_5764 IMG_5769 IMG_5786 IMG_5796 IMG_5820

We made a trip today to the zoo. I’m fortunate enough to live within easy driving distance to the fantastic Columbus Zoo. I don’t think I ever truly appreciated it until I went and visited other zoos elsewhere. We really do seem to have one of the best zoos, at least when it comes to Ohio – it isn’t like I’ve traveled elsewhere to see if there’s any other that compares.

It was the kid’s first trip and it went pretty much as expected – he’d rather chew on the wood at the displays and didn’t really care about the animals. It was busy, though, since it’s one of the nicer days we’ve had in a while on a weekend. We didn’t get to see the whole zoo, but I don’t mind because we got to see my favorite: the aviary. I know, I know – the zoo is packed full of other animals to see and ones probably more interesting than some North American birds. I can’t help it. I like birds. We have a zoo pass for the season, so I’ll probably try to go back on a weekday in hopes that it’s less busy so we can get closer. Maybe if we go a few times the Little Mr will get more into it?

This evening I’m going to cut into my fabric for my next Sorbetto. I wore my black one today under a green cardigan and I absolutely love how comfortable it is to wear, which really cemented my desire for MOAR TANKS! So here’s hoping this next one turns out as awesome as the first!

The Sorbetto Tank (official handmade wardrobe piece #1)


I’m officially one step closer to crafting myself a handmade wardrobe! For the first time ever I’ve managed to make myself something that not only fits, but doesn’t look like a handmade nightmare. Hooray! (Please ignore that it needs ironed – I was too excited to try it on and see how it looks!) I’m feeling a bit more confident in my sewing after this project, and I’ve been spending far too much time looking at fabric and patterns for future projects.

I didn’t use some old vintage sheets after all and, instead, used some black broadcloth I had hanging around. I opted this time for only a partial pleat as I was worried that my wide hips would be too big for the tank if I kept it all the way through. I think now, though, that it would have been fine or that maybe if I just took it in an inch it would be better (not too wide, but not too tight). And I’m happy to report that I don’t notice the arm holes gaping like I did before – I think the bias tape helped a lot with taming that, but I could be wrong.

I want to make a bazillion of these in solid colors now – I can see myself layering these tanks under my blazers for work. I might play with the neckline a bit, though, and opt for a gathered neckline instead of pleated, or maybe omit it entirely and just grade it out with my hips to make it work. I don’t want to wear the exact same style all the time, but the lovely thing about this pattern is that it has a lot of options for customizing and modifying. Overall I’m crazy thrilled to be able to have something else to wear that I made. Learning to make things (both knitting and now sewing) gives me a huge amount of appreciation for the amount of time and money and skill that goes into the things we all wear on a regular basis.

I bought the Wiksten tank yesterday, so watch out for one of those to be popping on here soon! Though not until I’ve made a Sorbetto in my fancier fabric. :)