Cabin fever

snow littlemr-walker featherweight-progress

I honestly think winter will never end. I know that’s not true, but good grief am I tired of it. We’ve received several more inches over night, and even more as the day has gone. It wouldn’t be so bad if we could just bundle up and go for a walk, but the days it isn’t snowing it’s below zero and ridiculously cold. Too cold for a neighborhood walk. My cabin fever is far beyond peak at this point, and I think the only thing getting me through is knowing that the Pacific Northwest has trees and spring flowers blooming… it can’t possibly be much longer of this if they’re already getting spring, right??

This kid… oh my goodness. I can already tell the trouble I’m going to be having  in another week or so once he actually figures out crawling. I used to be able to lay him on a blanket on the floor and he’d play with his toys. Now that he’s figured out how to roll, he’s rolling everywhere. Yesterday he found one of the husband’s boots and proceeded to suck on it (just the thought of all that road salt and other gunk going in his mouth makes me want to throw up a little). He’s finding my knitting basket under the end table, too, which means I might end up having to move that. I’m going to have my hands full soon, and I’m torn between complete and utter dread and feeling like I need to start obsessively cleaning everything.

My Featherweight cardigan is knitting up fairly well, despite the lack of time I’ve had. I tried it on this morning and I think I can get away with one more chunk of the Archangel colorway and then do the edging, but we’ll have to see once I get there. I have plenty of yarn so I could probably do 5 chunks of the Archangel, though I’m starting to feel like if I have to do any more purling I’m going to poke myself in the eye with a knitting needle. I don’t want it to necessarily be a long cardigan, but too short won’t work, either. I’m fairly short, to finding that happy in-between is the key.

Spun and knit

handspun-scarf-finished me

The husband’s scarf is done and I really kind of want to steal it. My spinning on the fiber wasn’t the best, and it’s a bit over-spun in places, but the Cascade 220 Sport did a fantastic job of balancing it out. It’s soft and has lovely drape and is just plain lovely. And I won’t steal it because I’m a good wife with a good husband who appreciates that I take time to knit him things.

It doesn’t count. Not really.


Every year my knit group girls and I go yarn shopping. We get brunch, then shop, then ice cream at Jeni’s. The date of the shopping trip changes from year to year, but it’s always either on MLK Day or President’s Day because we’re a group who work the type of jobs that give us those days off as holiday.

Knowing this date was coming, I’ve been desperately trying to get in the mindset of not buying yarn. I have several sweaters worth already, plus plenty of sock and lace and miscellaneous balls of worsted wool that could be made into hats and gloves. I, truly, do not need more yarn unless the need arises for a specific project. That’s how I’m rolling with this no-buying-yarn thing lately: it needs a specific project, which means no buying yarn just to buy it without finished object in mind.

The day went (mostly) well. I drooled over all the pretty Malabrigo and Madelinetosh, wishing desperately to snatch a few skeins up for a sweater or just a hat, even. But I do not need more hats, and I have yarn at home. I repeated this over and over with every idea that popped up. Socks! Nope, I already have several pairs worth waiting to be knit. Maybe a scarf? No. Another lace cardigan? How about you finish the 5 sweaters you already have yarn for first?! I bullied myself into not buying yarn, and came out of my favorite yarn shop with some lace blocking wires (something I actually needed) and some Malabrigo Nube wool for spinning (colorway is Indiecita). I justified the wool because I don’t have a lot hanging around, and I always love watching the singles transform into a gorgeous yarn once plied.

And then we went to a new yarn shop. One I’ve never been to before. It was a fairly large shop, and the woman working was quite sweet. I have this need to buy things (which is why I’m in the too-much-yarn department) and felt like I needed to buy something at this shop. It’s important to support small businesses, after all. I paced the store multiple times, reminding myself of my goal. I ultimately decided on a $10 bag of 4oz of wool that I can dye and spin later. One more ball of wool wouldn’t be a big deal, right?  Annnnnd then I looked at the clearance section. Clearance yarns are my weakness. Good yarn at discounted prices?! SIGN ME UP! I pondered a few balls of a pretty purple lace-ish wool that looked a bit like a patterned sock yarn only less garish – it would have made a lovely cardigan with some black dress pants for work. But that would be another 1,200+ yards of yarn coming in, with not near enough going out, so I let it go. And then I ran across sock blanks. Three of them, $8 each. I may be on a yarn diet, but I’m not stupid. Knit Picks wants $20 for a sock blank. The original price on this was $17. $8 is a freaking bargain.

So one sock blank came home with me, and the other two went with two of my knit group girls. We’ll be dyeing them up at our next cabin trip in November. Which is why this yarn totally doesn’t count – if it isn’t dyed it isn’t “usable” since I’m certainly not going to unravel it just to make myself a pair of plain natural-colored socks.

And that’s how I’m justifying today’s yarn purchase.

Oh the weather outside is frightful…

vday-featherweight vday-featherweight2 vday-snow

Oh wait, wrong holiday.

The weather outside awful, but today I’m inside cozy and warm with my two valentines. We have a pizza in the oven for lunch, and I’ve been knitting away on my new cardigan while the Mr plays video games in between taking care of the Little Mr. Tonight we’re having a tomato and spinach pasta… nothing super fancy. We’re not huge on Valentine’s Day, but we’re making it special in our own way I suppose.

I hope, no matter where you are or how you celebrate, you find a bit of time to do something you love today. Happy Valentine’s Day, friends! <3

Moving right along…

silkpaca2 silkpacaMy little spreadsheet is doing well at keeping me in check and knitting along from my stash. The yarn arrived Wednesday for finishing the husband’s scarf so it won’t be long before I have that done (tonight, even, if I’m lucky). I’ve been contemplating what I should knit next, and nothing was really jumping out at me from my spreadsheet and my Ravelry queue. But spring is coming, and I have this lovely Malabrigo Silkpaca in the stash which would make a very lovely spring cardigan. This idea has taken hold, so tonight in preparation I’ve decided to wind yarn. Hopefully casting on this new project will help prevent me from buying more yarn come Monday on my knit group’s annual yarn shopping trip.