The cut.

haircutIn the last 12 months I’ve cut my hair twice. That’s it. That doesn’t count, of course, the occasional bang trim I gave myself. Once in November, and once again in May. For the last few weeks I’ve toyed with the idea of another cut. At first I told myself I’d just get a trim. I liked the length and being able to pull it back, but the bulk of it around my face was getting to be too much. So I told myself I’d just have them trim it so I could keep pulling it back but it would be more layered and even.

And then, as it usually does, it evolved into more than that. I started scouring the internet for cut ideas, which then led to me seeing all these adorable cuts – making me miss my short pixie cut I had a few years ago. Which then started a whole evening of the stressful “do I or don’t I?” game where I talk about how much I miss my short hair and my husband then counters with all the reasons why I love my longer hair and reminding me of how long it took me to grow it out and the old standby: “You’re going to miss being able to pull it back in a pony tail.” But those short cuts! Gah! Love them. I decided to go halfway with it to start so I’m not totally giving up my length to go back to a pixie (plus, hello! Winter is coming. At some point soon, at least.) Besides, I feel more… professional, I guess, with shorter hair. Not that you can’t be professional with long hair – there’s just something, for me, about having a shorter cut that makes me feel less flirty and more business. Which is important since I have a business to run.

When I got in the car today and took my “before” photo before heading to the salon I almost chickened out. I mean, my hair felt dry and awful, but that picture? It looks fabulous. And I could probably do what I originally intended and just have a trim. But you know what? Hair grows back. So I went for it (kinda). I went with an angled cut, shorter in the back and graduated in length to frame my face. Short layers to help my natural curls lay right. The inspiration pic I had was shorter, and in my fear of hating the cut I opted to leave it a bit longer.

I’m not going to lie – looking at the before and after… I kinda wish I hadn’t cut it. There’s a lot of time invested in growing that hair out. But at the same time I sit here with my new cut and I love it. It will curl better and dry faster and require far less product to maintain (always a good thing). We’ll see if I decide to maintain this or if I decide to grow it back out again. At least this time around it shouldn’t take 2 years.

Dream house


I often waver between wanting to stay in town and wanting to be out in the country in the middle of nowhere. I love both ideas, and have a horrible time deciding which I’d rather. This is complicated by the fact that I live on the edge of a really, truly lovely neighborhood with beautiful homes. These days the housing developments I see cropping up are full of cookie cutter-looking homes. They lack character and charm, and I often feel like I’m wandering through a sea of white and beige as I drive through them. Our little neighborhood is filled with lovely homes of various sizes, and walking through is practically park-like with all the large lovely trees.

This house is my dream house. I have always loved and probably will continue to always love it – the landscaping, the brick, the way the two trees flank the door, the way the path curves, the little wooden-with-metal-roof addition… This, dear friends, is probably a house that I will never ever be able to afford (there’s a reason why we live on the edge of the neighborhood). But every time I walk by I like to look at it and dream. The only possible way it could be more perfect is if it was set on a few acres of land out of town. With a sweet little chicken coop to match the style of the house.

Fall harvest

garden2 garden3 garden4 garden5 garden6

I finally stopped putting it off. Yesterday was supposed to be around 66 degrees, and the rest of the week cool and rainy. I pretty much had to do it yesterday otherwise I might never get to it before winter. And you can see in the first photo how overgrown everything is – we sucked at weed control this year and we had volunteer tomatoes that the husband let continue to grow instead of hacking them back to keep the garden neat and tidy. Our garden has it’s own eco system of bugs and spiders which, naturally, I have a love/hate relationship with.

I pulled out the carrier and wore the kid in that while I picked tomatoes. At least for a little while before the extra weight of him got to be too much for my knees (this morning we found out he’s 11.5 pounds, so it’s no wonder!). Those tomatoes weren’t supposed to be that small. They were supposed to be San Marzano tomatoes. Clearly, they’re not. I’m highly disappointed, of course. We plant 2.5 beds of tomatoes – one for sauce, one for sandwich tomatoes, and one plant for the tiny salad ones. And you know what we don’t need? 3 plants full of tiny freaking tomatoes! (We also don’t need 2.5 beds of tomatoes, but the husband insists and then I’m left trying to figure out just what I’m going to do with it all.) It looks like I’ll be ordering a new pack of seeds to start this year since the pack from this last year was mislabeled. Ugh.

I’m attempting to dehydrate a batch of the tomatoes to see how they do (either for use in snacks or cooking, we’ll see). Other than that I’m not really sure what to do with them. The peppers will easily get used up – they’re always the thing we use the most of from the garden. The green tomatoes… I don’t even know. You can only eat so many fried green ones. I could maybe freeze them, but then I’d have to admit that I have freezer bags of tomatoes in the deep freezer outside from… 4 years ago? Things go out to that freezer and then end up forgotten about.

We ended up with monster beets this year. Every year I’ve tried to grow them (because I love them very much) and I rarely ever have any success. Most years none of them ever come up. This year 2 came up in the spring, but by then I was so tired and not in the mood to mess with the garden so I ignored it. I figured maybe it would go to seed so I could save seeds for next year (with the idea that maybe, just maybe the seeds would actually grow this time). We never got any seeds from it – instead I ended up with two giant monster beets that I’m not even sure are going to be edible. I haven’t yet attempted to cut one with a knife yet. I’m going to assume they’re woody and gross inside. It looks like two seeds did happen to germinate late in the season, so we have a small and a normal sized beet as well. I feel like I should give up on my beet dreams, but every year I tell myself “this will be the year!” and it never is. Chances are I’ll try to plant beets again next year. And chances are I’ll be incredibly disappointed all over again.

The new routine


The last week has been a blur. It involved a lot of list making, a lot of scrambling to pack lunch, bags, set out clothes each evening, hurriedly fixing dinner, doing laundry as much as possible and taking care of baby all before collapsing into bed exhausted. I went back to work, you see, so things are a bit crazy around here in a horrible kind of way. I like calm and routines and habits and this adjustment has been the complete opposite of that. By the end of the week I felt a bit more settled in so I’m taking that as an excellent sign of my adaption skills. By Saturday I was just thankful to be home, however, with all of us in the kitchen getting breakfast. With so much rushing that goes on in the mornings for work it’s incredibly nice to have calm. I’m a homebody, and I don’t think I ever really quite realized just how true that statement is until this weekend when it really hit me how happy I am to be home. I actually dreaded going to the grocery store this morning and I’m starting to wish one of the local stores offered grocery delivery because I would totally be down for that if it meant not having to go anywhere and pack a diaper bag and just, in general, be away from my place of comfort during the little time I have to relax.

Pretty much all of my pictures lately have been taken with my cell phone and I’m realizing that’s a huge, horrible, awful mistake. So everything I thought I’d snap and share today has turned out to be blurry and kind of awful. I should probably post them anyway – I’m not sure anyone else cares but me. The sunrise above was a cell shot, and it works well for that. It just isn’t great for much else. (Sidenote: I’m both annoyed and pleased that I’m up and on the road early enough now to see the sun rise.) So my goal this week is to try to use the little point & shoot camera more.

Things of interest from this past week…

  • I made it all week at work without eating out or getting food from the vending machine. Our bank account is thanking me (my waistline, too!), and I’m really hoping to continue that trend this week.
  • I had to break down and buy k cups for the office Keurig. I was trying to bring coffee from home but by the time I dropped the kid off at the babysitter and then drove to work my coffee got cold, so making coffee at work is now necessary. I forgot how much I hated the eco-friendly reusable coffee filter I purchased – the coffee was always weak and I’d end up with grounds mixed in no matter what I did. I hate that stupid machine and those stupid pods, but mama needs her caffeine to get through the mornings.
  • I’m rectifying the coffee situation after my pods run out and using a French press and being all obnoxiously fancy. My coworkers can keep their stupid machine – I’ll have far better coffee with the press.
  • The munchkin has started finding his fingers and shoving them in his mouth. I’m sure we’re not far off from him trying to now eat everything under the sun.
  • My social media cleanse thing is going mostly well. I’ve had a few days where I turned the app off, but I’m already doing much better at keeping my nose out of my phone all the time.
  • My knitting time, as expected, has taken a huge hit since going to work. I might have to resort to stockinette socks or dishcloths just for a mindless project to knit to keep my sanity.
  • I dropped a big load of things off at the Goodwill today, including a lot of craft supplies that I’m never going to get around to using. The husband questioned it: “are you really wanting to get rid of x?” I resisted having a huge argument with him about how it’s hard enough for me to get rid of things as it is, what with my hoarder tendencies, without him questioning my decision to part with something. I managed to somewhat politely tell him to keep his mouth shut because he’s not helping me at all, and I managed to leave all those craft supplies by the Goodwill drop off door (they weren’t open yet) instead of hauling them back home with me.

I’d (sarcastically) say that my life is so interesting now… but we all know that it was never that interesting in the first place haha.

I’m walking into spiderwebs


web2… for real. I took the trash out this morning and realized that my rose bush has this giant creation all over it. So I looked around more and found probably 5 more thick webs over other various plants.

I really hate spraying hazardous chemicals around the yard, but it might be time to get some bug spray and spray the foundation of the house. I keep finding big spiders in the house as it is, and it’ll only get worse as the temps get colder. Better to spray now than to feel like I need to nuke the house from orbit!