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    Summer, finally

    With so much rain and dreary days it hasn’t much felt like summer on the days I’m home. Today, though… today is different. Today is officially a summer day. Hot, sunny, with the sun beating on your back. Finally I could blow up the baby pool and go outside with the Little…

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    Rebellious spinning

    Today a friend of mine on G+ shared this: Spinning in Cowgirl Boots – Homespuns and the American Revolution. In an act of rebellion, women took to their spinning wheels, their knitting needles, and their looms. If you were a Patriot, you wore homemade clothes from homespun yarn. You know, this…

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    Book club and the unexpected patio

    Friday night I attended my first book club. My dear friend has been talking about it for a while, and she’s constantly telling me “you need to come with me” so I can meet other people. More specifically, other local moms. I think it’s her way of trying to make…

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    Girls night

    Phillip Fox Band. Also known as me admitting that I don’t hate everything that sounds even slightly country. Expanding my horizons I guess you could say.