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    The best kind of family heirloom

    This quilt was, I’m confident, 100% hand stitched from start to finish. Do you see that detail on the dresden blocks? ♥  This heirloom was made by a great-great aunt, who gave it to my grandfather, who then passed it onto me. Would you believe that at one point he…

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    Rainy day quilt, finished

    It took me longer to quilt than I expected, and I didn’t cut my binding wide enough so it’s not perfect at all… but I’m not sure the recipient is even going to notice that. I need to run over the quilt lines with some water to remove the mark…

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    Rainy Day quilt progress

    This morning I attached the last two white sashes to give a bit of a buffer around the star when I go to attach the binding. I think I’ll leave it hanging there until my backing arrives – it’s too pretty to take down, unfinished and all.

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    Sew and trim, this and that

    I’ve discovered, by way of an app on my phone (BreakFree, if you’re interested) that I spend a LOT of time on my phone. Tons. So much that I’m really afraid to admit the number, to be honest. It’s that bad. It’s no wonder I feel so distracted all the…

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    Burying myself in projects.

    I’ve found myself jumping head-first into projects, even though I know it will most likely take me forever to do them. New knitting projects, spinning projects, quilts… The news here in the US is far too depressing, and I find myself seeking comforts of fabric and yarn between my fingers…