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Rainy day quilt, finished

It took me longer to quilt than I expected, and I didn’t cut my binding wide enough so it’s not perfect at all… but I’m not sure the recipient is even going to notice that. I need to run over the quilt lines with some water to remove the mark up I did as my quilting guides, but other than that it’s done and ready to gift later this week. That is, if I can bear to part with it. Not that I have a need for a baby-sized quilt, mind you – Declan’s getting too big for his fox quilt and is asking for one for his big boy bed, so that really should be the next thing I work on. Baby quilts are just so sweet and small and quick!

Next up – the backing for my picnic quilt. I ordered this lovely tulip print from Fabric.com, which I think will go lovely with the brightness of that quilt. I need to stitch that “twenty seventeen” between the two pieces, but then it’s just figuring out how I want to quilt it (assuming I don’t just go for the easy way and follow the rows/lines on the triangles out of simplicity).

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