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Decorating for spring

Spring begins Monday, and I’m already in the mood for it and decorating away on the house. If you remember, I have all this Peter Rabbit stuff I collected for Declan’s 1st birthday, so now I get to break it out every spring. I’m kind of obsessed with Peter Rabbit if you didn’t know that already.  Like, “nearly paid $79 for a Peter Rabbit cookie jar at Pottery Barn Kids” today obsessed. The spring decorations have to be bunnies, and they have to be brown. White and/or goofy cartoon-looking rabbits need not apply (I’m looking at you, ridiculous Easter Bunny at the mall).

I have no doubt my table will not look this clean or pretty for even a day, as a certain little gentleman loves to get up there and play with the coasters and tear everything apart he can. But, at least for now, I have a cute spring display up that makes the house seem a little bit brighter despite the rainy, cold days upon us. But, for now, I still have a good excuse to stay indoors and knit rather than start working the yard for this year’s garden (that, yes, I swore we weren’t doing this year and, yes, apparently we have changed our minds again and are doing it after all).

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