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I’ve given up fighting it

This kid is so fascinated by my spinning wheel. No matter how many times you tell him to leave it alone, he’s always over there playing with it. You can watch his little brain work while he tries to figure out how it works to make all the pieces move and spin the yarn. It’s a battle I will never win, I’ve learned. So, instead, I’m trying to include him more in things I’m doing. Today he helped me wind yarn off the bobbin so I could free up room for the other half of the 2ply I’m working on and we talked about how he wants me to knit him a brown sweater like the old woman in his book (great book, btw – there’s not a brown sweater specifically, he’s just seen one at the end of it and decided he wants one, too), but first he wants a hat. Out of this exact handspun yarn. I don’t have plans for this yarn, but even if I did how can I possibly refuse him?! Especially when I’m certain at some point he will grow to not want me to make him things (though, of course, I hope that never turns out to be true and he always sees the things I make for him as extra special).

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