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Daffodils are already popping out of the ground, but winter hasn’t given up. Next week the weather calls for nearly 70s but overnight we received the prettiest dusting of snow. Perhaps this was winter’s way of giving us one last gentle hug? It’s been so mild this winter (not that I’m complaining – I like cold and snow but not below zero and ice) and it sometimes feels like we didn’t even have winter. No sledding at all, and I think we drank just one cup of hot cocoa. One!

There is much going on about this home, and really too much to really write about at the moment. Spring cleaning needs done, important decisions made in regards to a furry friend (and soon), a garden to get going… plus that pesky needing to eat every day and the routine chores. My planner is keeping me on track but a planner can’t make me stop procrastinating unfortunately. And some tasks really can’t be put off any longer.  Dreading it, really. So much dread.

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  1. We’re in need of a good spring cleaning here too, Marie. All the written plans in the world can’t get me to do something when I’m not in the mood.
    I hope things worked out with your furry friend. I know that awful feeling when decisions need to be made. I’m hoping for the best.

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