Spring jelly


Hello friends! Spring brings rain and wind this year, but my violets arrive as well. The Little Mr and I went into the yard to pick as many as we could (there is still plenty, but a toddler’s attention span is tiny) before coming in to boil up water to steep them up for jelly making. Tonight the husband is gone to a Crew game (soccer) so after I put the little guy to bed I’ll be pouring myself a little wine, digging into my canning equipment, and making jelly. Maybe even a loaf of homemade bread to go with it for breakfast tomorrow.

I made a job transition this week. I’m incredibly overwhelmed with it all, but I think this change brings a lot of good with it. Most notably, more time because I’m closer to home. And feeling more valued at work has had a huge impact on my mental health, so I’m coming home exhausted BUT I’m finding my excitement again for things I loved doing. Not that I have much time for it anymore, but I’m squeezing in things here and there when I can (like tonight’s jelly making).

My next goal is to get that garden cleaned up. It’s so full of weeds and, besides, needs more compost added to the beds. I just need a nice day and a long nap time to get it done. Whenever hell freezes over, probably, haha.

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