I know.

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Happy Love Day, loves! I’ve been couchbound yesterday and today as it appears I’ve managed to catch some sort of virus. Fever, sore throat, aching all over… you know the kind. So laziness abounds around here, of course. Knitting, copious amounts of tea, marathon Netflix watching (World Without End), furry snuggles, etc.

Apparently being home means I’ve ruined the Mr’s plan for today – which was to surprise me and take me out to lunch at work – but instead he brought home lunch along with some dark chocolate, some cute knee-high socks, and some Doctor Who valentines that he turned into a card for me. The other one is the card I ordered for him from Sarah. She even added in two little stickers to the package: one red heart, and one red Rebel Alliance symbol. How cute is that?! \

(And, yes, I have finished the shawl and moved on to a pair of socks!)

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