Here a cheep, there a cheep

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The next best thing to having chickens of your own? Your parents getting chickens, letting you pick out a breed you want, and letting you have one all to yourself to name (which may turn out to be a bad thing when we figure out which ones the roosters are – instead of Mother Clucker laying me eggs I might be eating Cluck Norris). My parents have been building a chicken coop for a while now, but yesterday they finally brought home chicks from the local farm store to raise while they put the finishing touches on it. Of course this farm-life dreamer had to immediately go over there and see them!

I somewhat randomly picked out a Silver Laced Wyandotte and we quickly became friends – or at least I’m choosing to believe we did given how quickly it calmed in my hand and then nestled up against my chest on my shirt. There’s something quite heartwarming about it to this wannabe farm girl, though my husband was less amused. He grew up with chickens as a kid but they didn’t really handle them or treat them as pets so I’m afraid he finds my excitement over chickens a bit ridiculous. But how can you not love the little chicks?!

Here’s hoping I end up with a hen and not a rooster :)

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