DPP #3: Ruffles, Mail, and Somewhat Failed Ornaments

My house is an utter mess at the moment, with more projects going at once than I care to think about. A friend asked me a while ago to knit her a ruffle scarf and at the time I wasn’t very busy so I said “Sure!” So, naturally, Friday I find two lovely balls of yarn on my desk at the office. Lucky for me they’re a pretty quick knit!

I had some time to myself this morning, so I worked on finishing up some holiday mail – a package to a penpal I’ve been writing for the last several months, and lots of holiday cards to family and friends!

And then it was on to the holiday ornament failures. A few weeks ago I attempted to recreate something I had found online a while back. You were supposed to use air dry clay, so I bought the first air-dry thing I found at the store, which happened to be a paper clay. Things were all fine and dandy when I first made them but as they’ve dried out they’ve curled. I tried placing something heavy on top to keep them flat but they weren’t drying so I gave up.

So then I moved on to trying mittens. Little acrylic felt mittens with embroidered pretties. It turns out I’m really not great at all at embroidering on felt – it’s difficult to get the stitches close together without, instead, just making a larger hole. And my tree? Yeah, it wasn’t supposed to look all criss-crossed like that. And let’s not discuss the not-pictured snowflake I tried (and failed).

Maybe I’ll paint and hang those clay ornaments, after all.

Love like winter

AFI on Pandora. Practicing my embroidery on some scrap fabric (not that I need a new hobby or anything). Spinning ever so slowly through the fiber on my wheel (just some generic merino/silk blend I ordered ages ago). There is plenty to do around here, but I’m putting it off until tomorrow. One day of relaxing and playing with projects around the house won’t hurt anything.