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    Rainy day quilt, finished

    It took me longer to quilt than I expected, and I didn’t cut my binding wide enough so it’s not perfect at all… but I’m not sure the recipient is even going to notice that. I need to run over the quilt lines with some water to remove the mark…

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    Rainy Day quilt progress

    This morning I attached the last two white sashes to give a bit of a buffer around the star when I go to attach the binding. I think I’ll leave it hanging there until my backing arrives – it’s too pretty to take down, unfinished and all.

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    Sew and trim, this and that

    I’ve discovered, by way of an app on my phone (BreakFree, if you’re interested) that I spend a LOT of time on my phone. Tons. So much that I’m really afraid to admit the number, to be honest. It’s that bad. It’s no wonder I feel so distracted all the…

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    Burying myself in projects.

    I’ve found myself jumping head-first into projects, even though I know it will most likely take me forever to do them. New knitting projects, spinning projects, quilts… The news here in the US is far too depressing, and I find myself seeking comforts of fabric and yarn between my fingers…

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    More quilting

    This season of motherhood… this not-quite-2 year old is so challenging. And so frustrating. And making it impossible to get anything done for more than 20 minutes, 30 max. But he’s so stinking adorable with how he tries to copy me. He tries to knit on his little dishcloth and he…

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    And now I’m 32.

    Today I turned 32. I feel older than that. I probably look older than that, to be honest. I have more gray hairs than I imagined I’d have at 32, and it gets worse by the week, and sometimes I worry I look like I’m mid 30s going on 60.…