A little lace

I got it into my head today to pick up my needles and knit something lacy. I’ve been on a roll with making things for the house lately, though mostly those projects were sewing related. And I’ve been a little bored with my current projects on the needles (so much boring stockinette on this pleated top!) . So a little lace doily felt like just the thing I needed. I think I’ll gift this one to my mother when it is finished – it would look pretty on her bedroom dresser!

I’m working on Flacon. It’s not a difficult pattern – the worst for me has been dealing with slippery stitches on DPNs (should have used my wood needles instead of metal), and then some difficulties with my hands and the small circular after I ended up with too many stitches for my DPNs.  I think I’ll work on Mommes Lysedug next.