Spinning Sable, singles edition

If you remember, a few months ago I posted about my current spin-in-progress. Well, nearly two months later I’m finally finished with the singles. And, instead of my initial intentions for a 3ply, I ended up just doing 2 bobbins for a 2ply.

I’m not sure how I feel about this yarn yet.  Now that I see the finished singles I’m worried the final product will be…. ugly. There are just soooo many colors and while they’re all gorgeous on their own, I’m afraid they’ll look awful plied up together.

I’m also second-guessing my decision to do a 2 ply. A 3 ply would have lent itself to be more ‘blending’ of the different colors. But I get more yardage out of the 2ply, and that lends itself to nice lace knits to show off the yarn better.

I guess I’ll just have to ply tonight and see how it goes. This will either be an epic win on stepping out of my comfort zone, or an epic fail that results in me never trying anything ‘different’ with spinning again.

2 Comments on “Spinning Sable, singles edition

  1. the yarn will be what it will be. i long ago gave up on controlling the outcome of my spinning, especially with multi-colored fiber. be open to using the resulting yarn in alternate ways.

    that said, these bobbins look promising to me!

    1. Normally I’m not worried about how it will turn out. But normally I pick more coordinated colors.

      But you’re totally right – the yarn will be what it will be! I often have to repeat that to myself every time I start spinning a new fiber and can’t get it to behave how I would like.

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