DPP #4: Over-committed edition

I very nearly forgot to do a photo today, and with the natural lighting gone I had to make do with a pretty horrible photo. Sigh. Tomorrow I’ll do better. Maybe. If I don’t forget, again.

So, I most definitely over-committed when I decided I could knit 2 hats a week. I wasn’t taking into consideration any other things that might happen in life. Like late work nights, or feeling awful and not feeling up for knitting. Or, you know, housework (contrary to what I often dream, laundry doesn’t get magically washed around here, nor are the dishes magically clean as soon as you eat them, floors don’t automatically vacuum themselves, etc).

Actually, ignore that last paragraph, because it’s bullshit. I haven’t kept up with them because, yes, I’ve had Real Life™ things going on that have limited my time. But let’s face it – like everything in life, if you really want to do something you’ll make the time. And I guess after the first 4 hats I just lost interest. And a lack of interest breeds procrastination, which mutates into full-blown giving up. And that’s where I am, 5 hats in to my goal of 10. I’m giving up. My heart isn’t in it anymore. It’s just stressful, and that’s a lot of negative energy going into hats that were meant to be a good thing. The hats will be taken to work and dropped in the donation boxes and I’m moving on.

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