First snow if the season on Solstice morning

Today I’m celebrating Solstice for the first time. Celebrating Christmas has never really resonated with me much, though I still put up a tree and participate in a lot of the traditions associated with it.

This year will be a calm, quiet celebration. Practically unnoticeable to anyone other than myself. I’ll leave the lights on overnight on the house and trees, and tonight or tomorrow I’ll be making some bird seed ornaments to hang on the outside tree for the birds. And I’m hoping to fix some mugs of hot cocoa and have a walk around the neighborhood to look at the lights.

I’ve tried to research solstice traditions and found a lot things that just… Weren’t what I’m looking for. So I’m very much trying to make this celebration my own, though it may take a few years to really nail down what works for me and gives me a good feeling each holiday.

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