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Tour de Fleece 2013

tdf_fiber tdf_d1Tour de Fleece is here, though I almost missed today’s start. We’ve had a busy day in the big city, with a long drive in some really nasty rain on the way home, and I came home with my usual neck pain that pretty much makes me want to crawl in bed and sleep for 12 hours. Chronic pain blows, ya’ll. But I downed a few ibuprofen, threw an ice pack on my shoulders, and was determined to at least spin a little even if it was only a few yards.

This year I’m spinning my Fiber Optic gradient roving that I purchased back at the Great Lakes Fiber Show. It’s a gradient, and I very much want to keep the gradient look, so I’m pulling chunks of fiber off the main braid of each color and spinning a single that I plan on chain plying. Since the chain plying essentially gives me a ‘fake’ 3-ply, I’m trying to keep my spinning thin so I end up with plenty of yardage for something nice.


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