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Feeling Spring-y

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I’m quite certain that Spring is holding out to the very last second to make its appearance. Here we are, March 16th, just 4 days away from the official first day of Spring, and it’s about 23 degrees outside. We have been teased a few times last week with gorgeous weather, which has certainly made me anxious for more!

The other day I stopped by our local Kroger to pick up some items for an office pot-luck that I needed. When you enter the store, you walk right past the floral department. And, of course, I’m easily distracted by the pretty flowers. I wanted to pick up a pot of hyacinths, as they smell lovely and are my favorite, but $8 for essentially 3 bulbs is a little silly to me when I have pots and soil and, really, should just remember next year to do my own. So I picked up a cheap little $4 bouquet of mini carnations. They’re bright, cheerful little things and are resting presently on the coffee table.

Our weekend has been filled with cleaning, cleaning, and more cleaning. I’m officially worn out. The vast majority of my non-maternity clothes no longer fit, so I took the opportunity to pare down the wardrobe while also shoving it all in plastic bins to store until after August (if any of it even fits then). I feel quite accomplished, and I have bags and bags of clothes to take to the local Goodwill. And I feel a little less bad about how many clothes I have now – I can’t believe how much I had been holding onto for no reason! One room down… a lot more to go.

In between cleaning I took a break to work on some knitting projects hanging out in that WIP bin under the end table. We’ve had some great lighting today, so I finished sewing the fabric in the second ear and stitched the whole thing together. The little bun now resides on the twin bed in the baby’s room, at least until we purchase our crib.

Life, overall, feels pretty good right now. The house feels like it’s falling apart, and we have squirrels in the attic making lots of noise, but I feel… calm. Relaxed, even. Perhaps pregnancy agrees with me more than I expected? 

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