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cabin-dishcloth apricot-bonnet br_finished

Dishcloth, baby bonnet, handspun yarn. I went in on a KnitPicks order with my knit group girls and have yarn for holiday stockings and I started one for the teenager-almost-20-year-old immediately. Never mind that I hate rushing into the winter holidays, or that I hate the over-commercializing of them. Or that I’m not even sure how we’re going to handle holidays now with this new little one. I even bought more sock yarn while at Joanns buying needles for the stockings. I don’t need more sock yarn, and I don’t know when I’ll get to it, honestly. But it was half off and the yarn (Patons Kroy) knits up well and holds up really well to washing/drying and is, therefore, perfect yarn to make gift socks out of.

Today I made another batch of chocolate syrup for milk. And beer marshmallows. And knit. And later we’re grilling chicken, making grilled potato wedges, and having strawberry shortcake for dessert and entertaining my sister and her kids.

Just trying to while away the time as much as I can until this baby decides to make his grand appearance.

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