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Knitting, knitting, knitting

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I’ve been pretty out of commission for the last week thanks to a nasty mastitis infection. It’s not something I ever care to repeat so I’ve been strictly adhering to the rest, rest, and rest some more orders from the urgent care doctor I saw last Saturday. Which means if I haven’t been napping or tending to the Little Mr, I’ve been knitting. I considered this a perfect opportunity to binge watch Star Trek: The Next Generation while downing water, snacking on just about everything I could get my hands on, and knitting up a storm.

First up we have a little fox hat, which is what the munchkin will be wearing for Halloween this year. Second, a bitty little baby onesie ornament to send to my friend Jo who had her daughter shortly after me. I’m knitting one for myself at some point for our own tree this year, too, but I need to decide on the colors and chart I want to use on mine.  And last, but not least, I finally knocked out my Dark & Stormy cardigan. Things of note on this: I got lazy on the collar. I hate 1×1 ribbing and this sweater lingered so long in my knitting basket that I just decided to bind it off as-is, resulting in a nice collar and pretty much no edging on the rest of it. Which, I’ve decided, is perfectly fine because it makes the sweater a perfect candidate for having a zipper sewn in. The other thing… it’s big. Which doesn’t help with the fact that I already feel awful about how I look in my new postpartum body. I know I’m a curvy girl and all but somehow seeing it in photos makes it all the more painful. Oh well. It’s a nice pattern, and the sweater looks nice, and it’s going to be warm and cozy – an important characteristic should we have yet another bitter cold winter this year.

I still have more lingering projects to finish but that hasn’t stopped me from casting on for a Whorl. A friend of mine designed it and I happened to have lace in my closet that isn’t already tied to a pre-planned project. The pattern is easy to remember but not mindless, I’m just finding that I’m having a hard time focusing so I have to watch for missed/dropped stitches.

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