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Well, the holiday season has finally arrived. Our tree is up and while it still doesn’t totally feel very merry right now (to me), the tree is proof that it is, in fact, nearing Christmas.

We put up another little Fraser Fir tree today. There wasn’t the meltdown this year that happened last year. I did, in fact, debate on just putting up the fake tree and calling it done. But today we went out and we bought a little 4-5′ one, just like last year’s size, and brought it home. And, you know? I’m glad I did. The smell and feel of a real tree cannot even remotely compare to a fake. I’m not even bothering to put up the fake tree at all – we don’t need multiples, anyway. And that’s just more to clean up after the season is over.

I tried to keep it fairly toddler-friendly. I have a LOT of glass ornaments that the Little Mr would break. It’s fairly full considering all the non-breakables I do happen to have, but I wish I had more to fill the tree with. I don’t think I did a great job at lighting it – I’m still getting the hang of how to decorate a real tree. Artificial ones are so easy to just bend and move to put branches where you want them. But it is what it is, and nature is perfect in its imperfections so that means my tree is perfect, too.

I have more decorating to do, but I might do that a little at a time over the next week. I’m thankful that I’m not feeling like I was last year – that whole needing to do every little thing because it felt like I had to or the holidays would be ruined and the crying and meltdowns over the holidays not being perfect and whatnot. That said, I am heavily avoiding large portions of the internet this holiday season. Namely, all the holiday crafts. The last thing I need is to get sucked into that feeling again and it’s just best to avoid it all entirely for the sake of my mental health.

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