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Gambling with seeds


When I set out to plant the garden this year, I didn’t order new seeds (I decided to not start my own tomatoes and peppers this year), nor did I test my germination rates on the radishes or zucchini or peas. I pretty much went the laziest way possible and planted and hoped for the best.

Aside from the fact that my beds are clearly going to struggle with weeds this year thanks to pretty much half assing the garden since getting pregnant/having a baby… I’m otherwise not disappointed. Some of my seeds were pretty old, and I didn’t exactly store them properly. But as of right now this garden will be cruising along just fine.

I think I’ve officially decided to rip out half the beds next year. We haven’t gotten them all cleaned out yet, and though my kid loves being in the garden he also likes to wander, so I can’t focus on a bed to get it cleaned very well. And as he gets bigger I want him to have the yard for play… so, we’ll back it off.

Actually, what I *might* do is stack the boxes on top of the other ones and secure them together and just make deeper boxes. That way I don’t have to store these things for later when we might decide to go back to a big garden.

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