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Knitting lately

I’m trapped, still, in this desire to want to knit everything for everyone… and having no time. So I’ve spent a lot of time bouncing between projects and not really finishing anything. I really should focus on finishing something, but the precious little knitting time I do get is just more enjoyable when I get to spend it knitting something that excites me at that given moment. Which means I’ve got a sock project or two lingering, some pussy hats I was asked to make (but told “no rush” which has guaranteed me to work on them when I need something mindless), this cardigan in progress, and I cast on a baby sweater for the latest addition to the family. And I’m still tempted to cast on for something like a lace shawl, even though I know that would be a total disaster trying to a. keep my pattern pages from getting thrown around the house by the kid and b. having enough focus in the first place to even read a complicated chart of lace.

I have 11 work days until my vacation time kicks in. 11 work days until I can take a much needed break when I need it to spend my day at home – alone – to knit and craft and focus on some essential self care. I think my very first day I take might just be spent watching Poldark and spinning on my wheel, which is much harder to spend time doing than knitting that can be picked up at any given moment for a row here and there. I have some gorgeous fiber I picked up from CreatedByElsieB that is calling my name (though, as usual, I have zero idea what I’ll make with the finished product – assuming I ever get around to knitting it in the first place).

Knitting notes: Pattern is “Elaine’s Blouse” but I’ve modified it to not include the weird ribbing around the waist – I liked it at first but the more I looked at it the more weird it seemed. Yarn is some Queensland Kathmandu I purchased a few years ago after a lovely knitting friend, Julie, passed away and the knitting group sold a lot of her very large stash to put money toward her kids’ college funds. I’m not 100% positive that I have enough yarn, but my hopes are at the very least I can get away with 3/4 sleeves to make it all work.

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