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The state of things

I’m not getting enough progress done today to things I wanted to get done. My first vacation day since I switched jobs (I hit my 1 year anniversary on Monday, but wasn’t able to find time for a day off until today), and I spent the first half of my day cleaning and cleaning and cleaning before a contractor came over to look at a few things on the house. I might, just might be getting our icky bathroom redone… and a half bathroom put in on the 1st floor… and while here the contractor mentioned the possibility of an upstairs laundry, which would mean no longer needing to go all the way to the basement to do laundry. I’m so flipping excited I can hardly stand myself! I am sure, of course, that all of that is going to cost us a ridiculous amount of money and I’m absolutely certain that during all the construction I’ll wonder whether it’s worth it. But. BUT. We’ve been here 9 years and I’ve been cleaning a bathroom that we half-assed fixed up just enough to make it liveable until we got the money to redo it. It’s time. Past time, really.

Anyway, so this second half of my day has been centered on me time. Knitting a bit, spinning a bit, snacking on whatever I feel like (mostly Easter candy) and binge watching Girlboss on Netflix. Sure, I could be watching something more… refined. But after the last few weeks I’ve had, complete with screwing up BIG at work, something easy to consume that speaks to my rebellious/take-no-shit side was much needed.  So this is the state of things right now – some fiber on the wheel, and a sweater in the works. I knit for a few hours here, and spun for a few hours there. Nothing particularly hard or exciting, but the perfect comfort projects for a much needed day off with no one home.

And, no, that little sweater isn’t for the Little Mr, nor am I pregnant – it’s for the now 4 month old grandkid that I still haven’t knit for. I feel terrible that I haven’t managed to make anything for him, but every time I’ve tried either the pattern is too much to follow with a toddler to care for or the yarn doesn’t work out for it. Or, in the case of the quilt I had started a while back… I sewed the whole thing together wrong and it was far too much work to sit and rip out all the thread and re-sew.

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