Today this post really hit home. I’ve saved it in my RSS feed so I can go back and read it often and plenty. Sometimes I feel like the dream of a farm is impossible. Not only is it impossibly expensive right now (unless you want a fixer-upper, and by that I mean “might-as-well-tear-down-and-start-from-scratch”), it’s also incredibly scary to even think about selling our current place and try to play the home sales game and hope that you can sell one to move to another without putting yourself into the two mortgage situation. And I love my garden and flowers to give up green space for a temporary apartment.

I tend to dwell on the negatives rather than the positives. I dwell on the fact that I can’t have chickens or goats or pigs, instead of focusing my energies on what I do have – a nice chunk of land for veggie growing, access to locally grown items I can’t grow myself, and the will and determination to do what I can with what I have until that fateful day when the perfect property comes up for sale and everything falls in place.

Sometimes it just feels like I’m playing house. Like all my ideas and desires to grow my own food, make my own bread, etc are just a whimsicle fantasy. Especially in these winter months when nothing grows outdoors. Perhaps I’m just restless and antsy for spring.

Regardless, it’s good to have reminders like Jenna’s post to keep me going, keep me growing, and keep me working towards that farm.

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