Shaping up


It’s no lie that I tend to bite off more than I can chew. For someone who barely knows what she’s doing a queen sized quilt is probably a bit much.  Admittedly this quilt is basic. I lack patience for sewing a bunch of little squares together. And my previous plan has been thrown out at least temporarily (I plan on trying it out on a doll-sized quilt before I commit to a giant version). So plain/basic quilt it is.

I severely underestimated the time it would take me to cut the strips of fabric and sew, and after a much too late night last night I’m about halfway done with the quilt top. I didn’t anticipate this, and I have zero in the way of supplies like batting and binding and whatnot. So this project might fizzle out before it even gets started, at least until pay day.

One comment on “Shaping up

  1. goodness, i really don’t like any of the steps of actually making a quilt. dreaming up designs is super fun, but cutting/sewing/quilting/binding are all a drag.

    your fabrics look great! best of luck!

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