Ugh. Just… ugh.

I’m ashamed to say that I spent $10 to get the Kindle version of the first 50 shades book a week ago. I got suckered in. Friends were reading it, and I felt left out as they talked about it.

Holy fuck. What the hell was I thinking? It’s…. bad. So very bad. If I had purchased the book in print rather than electronically I’d be burning it. I knew from the start that the book wouldn’t win any literary awards. But it’s so much worse than that. It’s… just… bad. So very bad. (See?! Now I’m repeating myself… If I start using “Oh my” repeatedly someone shoot me.) I don’t know that I can even finish the book, which is really saying something because I managed to trudge through all of the Twilight books not because I enjoyed them but because I felt like I had to finish the story. It’s a rare thing for me to not finish a book.

I ended up picking up another book I had on my reading list and have been plowing through it instead (Kathy Harrison’s Another Place at the Table). Which is a nice change from the George RR Martin/Song of Fire & Ice books I’ve been reading (aka the books HBO’s Game of Thrones is based on). I was seriously doubting my reading comprehension skills while reading those. They’re so long and hard to read because they’re so detailed, and I can only get through 1 chapter an evening before I’m ready to get some sleep.

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