Little cabin in the woods

2nd annual weekend with my knitting girls. A cute little cabin in the woods with some really amazing people that I’m lucky enough to call my friends. Lots of delicious food, knitting, laughing, movies, and overall just plain relaxing. I even purchased some ruffle yarn at Walmart on a food run and knocked out a scarf Saturday night (and while I’m not a huge fan of novelty yarns I do quite like the look of it, and you can’t beat how fast it knit up).

A previous guest at the cabin had started a treasure hunt, leaving a clue at the end of their guestbook entry and then, subsequently, 2 more clues that leads to the ‘treasure’ (a little bag of found stones from one of the local gem mine touristy place for kids). Each guest has since found and re-hid the treasure, leaving their own clues to its location.  Not ones to break the tradition, we followed along and re-hid the treasure with our own clues and I whipped up a quick little knit sock out of some leftover yarn to contribute our own little treasure.

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