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Hooking it.

chiffon_cowlI’m taking a much-needed break from all the gifts I’ve been making and started something new for myself. My crochet skills are sorely lacking and I’m not even sure I’m doing this right. But these happy little squares are quite fun to make, even if my left hand does cramp up a bit. The colors are quite lovely, though, even if the wool is a bit scratchy. I think I might look around on Ravelry a bit and see what other crochet patterns I can find that I like now that I’m getting the hang of this a bit more. Or I might dig out the crochet snowflake booklet I have in the closet and work on some dainty little flakes for winter.

It’s a cold, grey, windy day today. There’s a giant pot of chili on the stove, cooking slowly until dinner, and I have supplies to make cornbread and a batch of homemade marshmallows later this evening. The niece and nephew are here for the day and are playing video games on the XBOX (first Halo, then Lego Star Wars) which is both frustrating and amusing at the same time. Days like this make me happy.


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