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Forgotten projects

bunny bunny-ears-wip bunny-earsIn a rush of energy yesterday, I decided I’d start working on cleaning up my home office/craft room. It’s been quite a disaster these last few months, and I’ve barely been able to do much anyway with the whole first trimester exhaustion thing, and it seemed like a good idea to tackle it while I was feeling up for it. Maybe it’s also a little bit of wishing for Spring and therefore spring cleaning?

The problem with cleaning is that I run across forgotten projects. And now my craft room still isn’t clean (though it is noticeably better). Tucked under a pile of things was this vintage rabbit project I started last May. Not a particularly hard item, but one that I kept putting off and putting off, apparently, until it ended up lost temporarily. I remember looking and looking last year for a fat quarter of fabric that would go well for the ears, but never found anything I liked. Yesterday I dug through my stash of scraps and settled on this tan pattern I used for some cloth napkins for the house.

I probably could have chosen to leave the ears plain, but I loved seeing the fabric-lined versions on the Ravelry projects. Hand sewing this thing is tedious and I’m not great at hand sewing anyway. I have one ear down, with another to go, but my daylight is fading fast and I might have to wait on another bright day. It’s just not worth the strain on my eyes, really.

I’m quite afraid, now, to continue cleaning the office/craft room, if only because I might turn up other projects left unfinished! Perhaps I should tackle the dining room table, which has started to resemble a piece of storage furniture than table. I’m starting to miss my relaxed mornings sipping tea there, and I miss it looking like a table and not piled with clutter. And it’s a much smaller task than that distracting craft room!


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