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Forgotten projects, round 2


Tucked away in a little fabric storage box in the used-to-be-craft-room-now-becoming-baby-room I found this in-progress blanket project. I think it’s the Moderne Baby Blanket? I started it forever ago when I thought we would try the foster-to-adoption route, before those plans changed.

I have a handspun shawl in progress at the moment, but I think I’ll tuck it aside to work on finishing the blue portion and weave in the ends. I won’t be keeping this blanket -I’m very selfish with a lot of my hand knits, but this one, I think, deserves to be passed on to someone I know who will cherish it for their little one. It feels like a project that deserves to move on from this house to another, anyway. So when it’s done I think I’ll tuck it into the mail and surprise a friend with it in hopes that it’s loved and snuggled with on her end.

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