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The new craft room.

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While this space isn’t fully done, I’m considering it done enough to share at the moment. Tuesday evening my sister very kindly helped me move that dresser and my grandma’s sewing table into the room, and I spent a good portion of Wednesday morning moving my craft supplies in. I apparently live in the land of delusion when it comes to my stuff. I originally thought everything would fit nicely into that dresser – and by everything I mean yarn, fabric, paint, etc. It seemed reasonable to think that all the things I had would fit cram into a few drawers of a dresser. Oh, the lies we tell ourselves.

Not even all my yarn fits into the drawers. That little mesh bin next to the dresser is currently playing host to my acrylics while I figure out something else. The fabric… well, it’s still downstairs. There’s still a bit of stuff to get rid of in the room’s closet so once that’s gone I’ll have to figure out another option. Hanging shelves on the rod in the closet? Plastic Rubbermaid drawers? I don’t even know. I can say that there isn’t a ton left to find a home for, at least. The bulk of it was definitely my yarn, and I think having it in these drawers will help me use up some of my stash since it’s more easily accessible versus buried in a bag in the closet. Someone on G+ suggested vacuum bags to compress the air out of the yarn and free up space, and I’m definitely not beyond trying that to make it all work. I’d purge more of it but at this point I’m feeling like everything that is left is stuff I want to keep and will use.

In other news, the stove is hooked up and works! And, wouldn’t you know it, I’m due for a serious grocery run so there isn’t really even anything to cook so I can use it! I fried eggs this morning for breakfast because it’s all I had, so tonight I’ll have to plan a grocery list and tomorrow start baking/cooking ALL the things again.

I have a few things to finish up cleaning-wise around the house this afternoon, and then tomorrow commences the Busy Weekend of Birthday Things. We’re going to attempt to do our own 1 year photos of the Little Mr, then there will be much cooking and last minute gift making (“if I start this now, I’ll have plenty of time to finish it before August,” I said in April) and party prepping, and then Saturday family will be arriving for what is looking to be a small party for the little one. Busy, busy, busy, this August is starting out to be!

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  1. You’re so lucky to have a craft room! I have to share my living space with my yarn and fabric (they will never have my bed!) :p
    If you roll your skeins into cakes, you’ll have much more space in your drawers… for more yarn :D

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