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Random things on a Sunday

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  • In my ever-determined effort to get organized, I ordered myself an Erin Condren planner. I’ve had it less than a week, but so far I’m really digging it. Just having tasks written down to check off makes me feel like I’m getting things done more. Truth be told, though, I sometimes like to write down tasks I’ve already done just so I can check that box off for the day/week. :)
  • Since this planner I ordered is hourly, I’m trying to set aside an hour here and there to do things I want or need to do. If I block out 1 hour increments I know I’m making progress on a task, and I know I’m actually working on it rather than it being this task in the back of my mind that I know I should find time to do but can’t. Problem solved, mostly.
  • One of those back-of-my-mind tasks is digitizing/cataloging recipes from my grandma and great grandma. I have a LONG way to go before I have them all scanned and written up, but 5 recipes here and there at a time is still 5 more than nothing. I’m really loving discovering the recipes for things I remember great grandma making as well as new ones I’ve not had.
  • Making some of these recipes is going to have to be an item I schedule in my new fancy planner, otherwise I feel like I’m going to be digitizing these for nothing.
  • Tomorrow morning I’m taking what feels like my thousandth load of stuff to the Goodwill. Every trip the house gets a little bit lighter, and in turn I, myself, feel a bit lighter. But damn if I don’t hate how much stuff I have accumulated that’s even worth donating. I keep a folder on my Google Drive of “inspiration” homes – mostly, minimalist farmhouse style places – and find myself referring back to them when I find it difficult to make a decision on something. I really do feel like it gets easier the more I get rid of. And I’m finding myself questioning bringing anything new into the house – especially if it isn’t going to replace an item.
  • Travel, travel, travel: we’re trying to nail down some vacation plans but it’s proving stressful. Every time I throw out a location, the husband counters with another one. It’s very… annoying. I feel like we’re never going to settle on an idea (we’ve taken a proper vacation just once in nearly 10 years, so any arguments of “we can do that next year” don’t work so well, haha). This really shouldn’t be so complicated, should it? It isn’t like we’re up and moving and trying to settle on where – it’s just a vacation! Ugh!

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