December Photo Project

Ornament making

Ever-so-slowly that holiday craft list is getting checked off one by one. I’m home sick today – some virus has been making the rounds at our house and now it’s my turn I suppose. On one hand, I hate feeling this cruddy. On the other hand… it is kind of...Read More »

Holiday blur

December photo project #… Oh whatever. It can’t possibly be the middle of December already, can it? Please tell me it isn’t so! This whole month has been a blur! I’m having a hard time keeping things straight – holiday parties and foods that need made for them, gifts...Read More »

Going in the mail

December photo project day 5 – holiday cards. I’m horrible about getting them out on time, but I still love picking them out and writing them. I always try to find cards with non-Christmas messages (and that whole reason for the season thing) because it’s just not me. Plus...Read More »

A little greenery

December photo project day 4 – on the way home from work today I picked up a bit of fresh greenery. I’ve never had a real tree before, though I’d love to get one some year, but I thought this year maybe a bit of greenery would do.

I...Read More »

Winter treats

December photo project day 3 – frozen custard from my favorite place down the street from work. Today I grabbed a “whitser” made with the candy cane ice cream and Oreo chunks. Every week the featured custard changes, and for $3.50 you can get a hot dog with ketchup...Read More »

Gift throwback

Years ago my husband worked a job that had some really cool perks to make up for crappy pay, like getting lots of cool free stuff. Being the sweet man he is, he’d bring home things for me from time to time.

One day he brought home this set...Read More »



Things are looking merry and bright around our house now that Thanksgiving has come and gone. Thanksgiving itself was a stressful ordeal, as it always is when I host, so I’m thankful to have a whole long weekend to recuperate and...Read More »

DPP #13: Sick Puppy Edition

Give your pets an extra squeeze and treat tonight for me. Last night we had to make an emergency trip to the vet last night. My dear, sweet baby girl was yelping in some serious pain and we didn’t know why.

I can’t begin to explain how grateful I...Read More »

DPP #12: Tiny Trees

I’ve made multiple attempts this holiday season to make some handmade ornaments. And I’ve been unimpressed with every single attempt. I don’t know if it’s just my usual perfectionist side coming through, or if I’m just really making horrible ornaments.

This tiny tree, however, looks promising. Well, so long as it blocks...Read More »

DPP #11: Christmas Cactus!

...Read More »

DPP #10: Gingerbread Snowflakes

...Read More »

DPP #8 & 9


...Read More »

DPP #7: More Zoo Lights

Getting behind on this photo thing, but will try to catch up and take a photo to post from today for today (especially since I’m having a craft day with my lovely friend Kate! Also, kitties!)

...Read More »

DPP #6: Zoo Lights

I have a bunch of photos to go through this weekend from the visit, but here’s what I instagtam’d. It almost looks like a painting!

...Read More »

DPP #5: Surprises from Mother Nature

Gorgeous ice/frost formation on the back of my car this morning.

...Read More »

DPP #4: Over-committed edition

I very nearly forgot to do a photo today, and with the natural lighting gone I had to make do with a pretty horrible photo. Sigh. Tomorrow I’ll do better. Maybe. If I don’t forget, again.

So, I most definitely over-committed when I decided I could knit 2 hats a week. I...Read More »

DPP #3: Ruffles, Mail, and Somewhat Failed Ornaments

My house is an utter mess at the moment, with more projects going at once than I care to think about. A friend asked me a while ago to knit her a ruffle scarf and at the time I wasn’t very busy so I said “Sure!” So, naturally, Friday I...Read More »

DPP #2: Red & White All Over

White chocolate cherry cookies and white chocolate peppermint fudge

...Read More »

25 Photos of December: Oh, Fudge

Today began the season of holiday baking for me – the day when I officially start making all the goods to go in the holiday boxes for family and friends. I’m making/baking and freezing a lot of it until a day or so before I have to gift it to...Read More »

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