Those moments

I have very few things I know in life. Well, I know quite a bit about quite a little. But what I’m talking about here are those feelings – the feeling of knowing you want to be a chef, or that feeling of knowing you’ll spend your life traveling the world. Some people seem to just know what they want.

I, however, do not share this trait. I never seem to know anything except that I don’t  know anything. And any time I start thinking I know what I want, I start second-guessing myself. Talking myself out of something. “Is it really what I want?” is usually the beginning of a very long conversation held between me, myself, and I.

But there are these moments. Moments that, I like to think, occur to those like myself because its the universe’s way of telling me that I’m on the right track. That this is the right choice. The right path. The right direction. For me, its the moments that make me smile and giggle with the tiniest tear in my eye – the moments where my heart feels so full.

This, dear readers, was one of those moments.

To you it may look like just a little sewing project, a little quilt. To me, it means so much more. For my complete and utter lack of planning I managed to make something that turned out not just exactly as I hoped it would look – it turned out to be the very, very perfect size for a very, very special wooden cradle. Which, sometime in the future, will hopefully hold a precious little girl’s very own doll, wrapped up in her very own special little quilt. And as soon as I placed the quilt with the cradle and realized how effin’ perfect it is together I realized that this was one of those moments.

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