25 Photos of December: Oh, Fudge

Today began the season of holiday baking for me – the day when I officially start making all the goods to go in the holiday boxes for family and friends. I’m making/baking and freezing a lot of it until a day or so before I have to gift it to keep things fresh and save some sanity so I’m not doing everything all in one weekend. Great grandma’s fudge was made today (well, or close enough. I really don’t have her recipe but the recipe on the back of the marshmallow fluff jar? Totally close to how hers tasted), and there’s a batch of sugar cookie dough in the fridge for cut-outs tomorrow. And white chocolate cherry cookies, which I’m only making for the cherries because I’m totally of the opinion that white chocolate is an abomination.

(I’m participating in Treadway’s December Photo Project these next 25 days. I never feel like I take enough pictures, and since there’s so much going on this time of year I thought it might be fun to capture something each day, even if it’s not all festive and fun! Check out the linked image below and go find some other awesome bloggers participating this year, too)

December Photo Project 2012

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