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My husband is an enabler.

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One would think that dragging your husband with you to a fiber show would result in a lot of complaining about the shopping, how much you spent, etc. My husband? He’s a total enabler.

Today we ventured to the Great Lakes Fiber Show. It’s Memorial Day weekend here, which means a 3 day weekend, and we had no plans so it was kind of a last minute decision. He’s never attended a show before, but I think I persuaded him to come simply on the idea that since we want a farm it’d be good for him to understand the different breeds that are for sale, how much the wool costs for me to buy, etc.

That stash-only knitting I was going to do? Yeah, that totally went out the window today. I came home with:

  • 5-ish ounces of Polwarth from Briar Rose’s booth.
  • Two 1,000 yard skeins of lace from Creatively Dyed – it was 50% off! Also, this purchase is most definitely from the nudging of the husband. And it is meant for some sort of cardigan, which means the color is totally out of my comfort zone.
  • 4 ounces of gradient Merino/Silk from Fiber Optic
  • 1 ounce of silk hankies from Sheepish Creations.  I might have to muster up some courage to give spinning them a shot, though. Silk intimidates me!

I really wanted a new wheel to come home with me, but it was not meant to be. Maybe next year?

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