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Things are looking merry and bright around our house now that Thanksgiving has come and gone. Thanksgiving itself was a stressful ordeal, as it always is when I host, so I’m thankful to have a whole long weekend to recuperate and settle in for the next holiday. For the most part we’ve stayed tucked in our home, knitting and putting together our winter puzzle and watching more TV than I care to admit!

Friday is almost always my “decorating” day – the day I dig out the tree and put everything up. It’s not perfect, and there are things I would like to change about it – mostly, the ornaments. There are a lot of ornaments I purchased 10+ years ago that I don’t love, purchased before I really figured out my tastes in decor and whatnot, but it seems wasteful to buy new when these work just fine and haven’t broken yet. Some years I’ll buy a few new ones to add to the tree, but that felt wasteful this year, too. Make do or do without, you know? Some days that mantra doesn’t work for me, but this weekend it certainly did.

After everything was up I had the Mr help me play with some photos. I wanted to achieve that big blurry circle look with the tree up, so he showed me what to adjust on the DSLR to get it. The snowflake and reindeer are our stocking holders, which we just used as something to photograph since I didn’t have other ideas. Then, of course, I had to play with pictures of the pup. She did not want to sit still for her photo! She, instead, thought that it was play time since I was on the floor on her level. Silly pup. I managed a few good ones, but not a lot!

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