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I wanted to splurge just once on this baby for a hand knit. I’m usually very budget-conscious about how much the yarn costs and how many skeins I need, and when it comes to this baby I’ve certainly been a bit more aware of the cost considering how quickly little ones outgrow their clothes. But I wanted to have one really luscious, gorgeous knit for him. Just once. So I decided to make a Snug. The pattern looked easy enough, especially given it being knit in garter stitch. And on our yearly knit group yarn shopping trip I (somewhat timidly) threw my budget out the window and I purchased 2 skeins of Malabrigo Mecha in Piedras, telling myself that 2 skeins should surely be enough for such a little sweater.

And everything was fine and dandy… until I ran out of yarn. Apparently this jacket is quite the yarn hog. The jacket then sat in the knitting basket while I cooled off from my anger for a while. I contemplated the potential of ripping out the whole front and not having a hood and, instead, making a collar. I contemplated finding a solid color of a cheaper yarn to use instead. I contemplated giving up entirely, but that nagging in the back of my mind of wanting just one splurge of a knit for this baby wouldn’t leave.

And so, with much annoyance, I ordered a 3rd skein and hoped and prayed it matched the original dye lot closely enough to work. And, thankfully, it did.

I might entirely regret knitting a $50 baby jacket, and it is entirely possible this baby may not even wear it at all (though, truth be told, I’m going to make one hell of an effort to make sure he wears it at least once). But at least it’s damn pretty to look at!

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