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Fresh tomatoes and peppers from the garden. I don’t dare show you the actual state of the garden – it’s quite the disaster this year, what with weeds growing everywhere and the tomatoes sorely needed tied up to the stakes more. I knew, going into the year, that the garden was going to suffer since I’d be pregnant and uncomfortable and not able to keep up with it much. I knew the tomatoes were going to ripen and that I wasn’t going to be able to can them up. I’m really pretty thrilled with the harvest we’ve managed to get with pretty much zero work, though. Weeds are going to be a problem next year, but hopefully by next year I’ll have some more energy and focus to give to the garden, especially since by next year we’ll have a 9 month old trying new foods and we can introduce him to the awesomeness that is home grown veggies right from the back yard.

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