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Apple tart and birthday celebrations

appletart appletart2 grandpa-baby

Saturday we celebrated my grandfather’s 94th birthday with a little shindig. I probably wasn’t expected to actually make anything to bring, and I’m certain that I could have just ran through the grocery and bought a tub of potato salad or something, but that’s just not me. No, I had to go and bake something. Apple tarts from the Pioneer Woman, to be exact, mostly because I had apples that needed used up and the recipe is crazy easy and I had the itch to bake. The Mr took charge of the munchkin for the morning so I could do it, for which I’m incredibly thankful. This might end up being a new go-to dessert recipe for me since my time in the kitchen is going to be more limited.

I’m the very last grandchild to have a baby (only took me 30 years!), and I’m very thankful that my grandfather is still around to see his great grandson. This picture is, to me, priceless. I only wish my grandmother was still alive to see and hold him as well :(

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