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Garden of Procrastination


Well, the garden is sorta planted. I still have peppers to plant, and a tomato plant. There are still zucchini seeds to get in there and cucumbers and such, too. It seems I’ve lost my enthusiasm this year for it. The garden, now, feels like something I used to do to fill my free time when I didn’t have all this other stuff going on. When I didn’t have a baby. When I didn’t have any other responsibilities other than a job. It has lost its fun and feels more like a chore. Which makes me sad, really, because it really was something I loved doing every year. Now I just look at it and see a lot of time that I have to invest in it and balance all of that with a job, other obligations, and my family. But I’m stubborn enough to not let it go just yet (though I may scale it way back next year) so I put it off and put it off until today when I couldn’t put it off any longer.

Planting what little bit I did get in was rough. With only half planting the garden last year thanks to being pregnant, the beds suffered. They didn’t get the compost needed, nor was the dirt dug a bit to keep it loose. In the fall, we didn’t dig everything under like we needed to. This year it was almost like having to start from scratch, digging out weeds and breaking up the compacted dirt. We still need to add more compost to the beds. We did manage to replace the cheap white fencing we put in a few years ago with a much nicer, much sturdier (and more expensive) metal one. Hopefully this one the dog won’t be able to get hooked on and drag it around. It’s black and not what I wanted (I prefer white to match our house trim), but it’s not the worst thing in the world. It might actually look kind of cute if I could get some flowers planted in front of it. That’s a project for next year, though. Or never. Probably never. There’s other things that need taken care of before I go creating more work for myself, like that stupid garage door with the giant rust stain that has gotten worse and worse since we moved here.


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