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New year, new finished knits

fightin-words slippers

The upside to all this time off from the holidays has meant lots of extra knitting time I otherwise never get. I’m a little worried by how spoiled I’m becoming about it – next week we go back to Real Life, which means back to our normal schedules and normal stresses and, sadly, back to less knitting time.

First up, we have some mitts. The husband’s job has a fundraiser auction each year, and the theme the last few years has been Super Heroes. I’ve wanted to make a pair for the auction for a while now but baby knits took up most of my time, so I made a point to cast these on and get them done while I was in a lull of knitting before I jump head-first back into kid knits. Yarn is Knit Picks Palette, and the size I made was the larger one (given that I don’t know who will be receiving these, I opted for the larger size to fit a man’s hands – I might have enough yarn to knit a second set in opposite coloring for a woman, though, so that may be next year’s project).

Second, some slipper socks in gorgeous Madelintosh tosh chunky (color is Robin Red Breast). I knit these for the very sweet woman who spent the last few years coming to visit my grandfather every day. She’d take him out to eat, take him shopping, and when he could still get around they’d even go dancing together. ♥ With death in families there’s always drama that pops up, and this sweet lady has been severely under-appreciated for all that she did. I wanted to do something nice for her, and since handmade gifts are how I show my love, I decided to order this gorgeous yarn and make her some slippers to help keep her feet warm this winter. I can’t wait to pop them in the mail tomorrow and surprise her!

Next up… toddler sweaters. All from the stash, thankfully. 2016 is going to be the Year of the Stash. For real. Please stop laughing. I really mean it! Ok, well, maybe most of the year? If I actually make a good dent in my stash I’m totally okay to buy yarn come November’s yarn sales, right? Maybe I should just make a goal… say, if I get through 3,500 yards of yarn? My total 2015 numbers with destashing and then my new purchases ended up with a total overall of about 3,200 yards out, so if I can get through 3,500 that puts me over 2015 AND makes a large dent in the stash, yes?

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