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Atwood, finished.

atwood-finished1 atwood-finished

Well, it’s done! It was all finished before the end of December, so it still counts as a holiday gift. All in all, knitting a sweater for the husband wasn’t a horrible undertaking, but in the future I’ll definitely choose my patterns a bit differently. Preferably the top-down variety that requires less seaming, plus the benefit of being able to have him try it on. The sleeves are a tad long, you see. But it’s done and waiting for him to wear it (at which point I’ll try to get a proper in-action photo – the lighting today really is pretty horrible so I had to make do with close by windows). I picked up buttons for it from Knitting Temptations, where I originally told myself I was going in for buttons only and then came home with 3 skeins of yarn plus buttons. Oops. I really am trying to go “cold sheep” (meaning no new yarn purchases) this year so at least those 3 came in on NYE?

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