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Stockings for a friend

Back in November/December I was bored and not feeling a lot of knitting projects and a friend casually mentioned wanting knit Christmas stockings. After some back-and-forth on what she wanted in particular, with a pretty vague “I just want something simple” request, I ended up designing my own. Worsted yarn on size 6 needles (probably could/should have gone down a size) and a few attempts to design my own snowflake chart and letters and… well, here it is. If I end up making this pattern again I might change up a few things – needle size, being one, but overall I’m pretty pleased with myself on these.

They will end up lined, as I’ve learned with the knit ones I made for our family that presents stretch them out and snag the yarn a bit. Plus they need a tab sewn in to hang them with.

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